Left: Vengeance Ewer,
2004 Earthenware,
30.75" x 16" x 9.5"
Paul F. Morris
Right: Shatterred,
2005 Embroidery
with bead embellishment,
mirror shards and paint,
6.5" x 6"
Paula Giovanini-Morris

All images ©2004-2006
by Paul F. Morris and/or
Paula Giovanini-Morris

Our long awaited web site is finally underway! These pages are an opportunity for viewers to get to know us and our art in more depth. It will also be a way for us to strike up acquaintances and make new friends around the world. Do let us know what you think about the art you see here because feedback will help us be more effective artists! Your help is vital!
We believe that art is a visual language. Art communicates ideas and concepts by making visible that which words may not adequately address. Three dimensional art and therefore our art in particular reaches beyond the optic in that the works we make are further enriched by tactile surface qualities and the projection of form into space. We believe that the practice of art is not merely the willful exercise of technique and skill to aesthetic effect, but is in fact a way of literally making ones way in the world, shaping, defining, expressing what it is to be human.
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